Jan 6, 2004
all is black and cruel is fair

sucker love is heaven sent
you pucker up.. our passions spent
my hearts a tart, your bodies rent
my bodies broken, yours is bent

carve your name into my arm
instead of stressed i lie here charmed
cause theres nothing else to do
every me and every you

sucker love a box i choose
no other box i choose to use
another love i would abuse
no circumstances could excuse

in the shape of things to come
too much poison, come undone
cause theres nothing else to do
every me and every you

like the naked leads the blind
i know i'm selfish, i'm unkind
sucker love i always find
someone to bruise and leave behind

all alone in space and time
theres nothing here, but what heres mine
something borrowed, something blue
every me and every you. . .

Posted at 10:53 pm by cynicaldreamer
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Jan 4, 2004
fate fell short this time

entertain me
tell me this didnt mean anything
its vengeance worth my tolerance
and i could be careless
but i promise you'll feel everything

you're so beautiful... did you hear a word i said
you're so beautiful... i guess this is what i get

Posted at 07:41 pm by cynicaldreamer
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